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Why do people choose a charter broker?

Being a broker means we can look at the bigger picture, approach different companies based at airports that are suitable for your trip and then choose the best ones. Ultimately, this saves you money.

What can a broker bring to your trip?


Nothing beats service value like experience. While operators are very experienced within their own regional airport and their own particular aircraft, when they don't have the aircraft that best suits your needs they will still try to make the sale. 

Often, customers do not understand the point of using a broker as they believe the can get a better price direct from the operator. While in some cases this may be true, we believe that using a broker often enhances your charter experience by taking out a lot of the time and stress of going through each individual operator to try and find the best price.The question is a very common one of which many answers are offered. Read on to see why we think using a broker is beneficial to you.

Best Pricing

Starting with competitive rates and partnered with a whole host of operators across the region, Air Charter Global can offer you some of the best pricing in the industry due to the fact that we have discounted rates in order to bring operators business. This means that even though you'd expect a broker to put commission on top, we're actually coming up just below the normal operator price.As a leading force in the industry we pass this benefit along to you.

Last Minute Travel

It is not unusual for your business to have a last minute meeting in London or Paris that you need to attend. It’s in situations like these you won't have the time to sit down and send requests to various operators; and then wait hours for a reply. This is where a charter broker company like Air Charter Global can help; we can locate a private plane for you on short notice and handle all of the details of your charter flight to make sure that everything goes perfectly. From the rental car or chauffeured Mercedes that will be waiting for you on the tarmac when you arrive to making sure the meeting room you need at the FBO is reserved and stocked properly.

Widest Selection

Being a broker, we are able to pick from each and every aircraft in the world. Some companies might push their aircraft on to you so they make the sale; we're not in that business as we strive to select aircraft based on specific needs. Once the aircraft has been decided, it's onto selecting the best airport for your trip. 

Empty Leg Savings

Being involved in the empty leg community, we can usually find an empty plane heading in your direction. This often leads to unexpected aircraft upgrades and incredible savings.  

Insurance Coverage

Does the charter flight operator you will be using have adequate insurance? Responsible air charter brokers like us handle insurance related issues enough to know when and how to inquire.  More importantly, we also know how these types of problems can be solved quickly and efficiently to ensure that there are no delays for your flight.AOG certificate, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance? You will often not have the time or the know how to ask for the required insurance documents to make sure you're really covered. This is where we do the hard work for you. 

The Summary

To sum it up, your private jet charter broker represents all of your interests as the client. 

Take advantage of your broker as a knowledgeable travel resource.  You can ask us questions and rely on our answers. Our team will work closely with you to plan all the details of your trip, from your time in the air to ground transportation and hotel reservations. 

Choose your charter flight broker wisely.

Choose Air Charter Global.