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Hire a helicopter to make a statement on your wedding day!

You and your husband or wife to be can hire your very own helicopter for your wedding day. You can be picked up from the church, a nearby airport or at a location near to your home and then dropped off in style at your wedding venue to the amazement of your friends and family.

To give you an idea of budget, the typical cost in hiring a single engine helicopter for a wedding is between £1,000 - 1,500 and a twin engine helicopter £3,000 - £4,000*. There is a legal requirement to use a twin engine helicopter when flying into congested areas as well as some landing sites. Please keep this in mind so that you can get the most cost effective quote for your big day!

Hire a helicopter in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Confirm Landing Site

It is important to check with your wedding venue that it has a suitable location to land a helictoper at. There must be a clear space unobstructed by trees/buildings with a clear route for the aircraft to safely approach and depart. If landing on private land then written permission from the landowner must be obtained before we can provide a quote for your charter.

Step 2 - Confirm Pick Up Site

Pick up from an airport or local aerodrome normally means you will get your quote quicker. If this is not possible then the same rules regarding the landing site also apply for the pick up location and again for private sites permission from the landowner must be obtained.

Step 3 - Get a Quote

Fill out the form below or contact us directly by phone or email, whichever is your preference. Upon contacting us we will need your name, contact detials, the full address of the pick up and landing locations as well as the number of passengers wishing to fly so that we can give you an exact quote.

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What are the benefits?
  • It puts you in full control of your schedule so that if things run over you are able to change pick-up times with a simple phone call
  • You have a superb opportunity to treat either yourself or the bride and groom to be. Why not buy this as a gift and have a congratulations card and a bottle of champagne waiting on board
  • No hassle travel as you soar above the landscape eliminating hectic traffic that may upset your wedding schedule
  • Perfect photo opportunities when you arrive at your venue
  • Quite simply an experience of a lifetime that everybody will remember forever

But what happens if the weather lets us down?

One of the advantages of living in the United Kingdom is that we have great unpredictable weather! Although this might put a bit of a dampener on the day, helicopters are able to fly perfectly safely in a lot of different type of weather conditions. If it does turn out that the weather prohibits the charter from taking place on the day we will contact you as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.

Which helicopter will you choose?

We have a large variety of helicopters available to charter for your wedding day whether it is just for the two of you or to transport the entire wedding party. Below are some of the options you can pick from for your special day, click on the link below the image of the helicopter to see more pictures and additional details about the aircraft.

Still looking for a Wedding Venue?

If you have visited our website today to research different options for your wedding then please take the opportunity to look at our partnered hotels below as a potential wedding venue. With facilities that specifically cater for helicopters these stunning venues provide the perfect setting for your wedding day and will be happy to provide you with more details.


For more details on the above venues please visit our Partners page.

*All prices are guide prices only and likely to change depending on the distance of the flight and amount of passengers amongst other factors.