Purchasing a Private Aircraft, Expanding your Fleet or Creating a Start Up?

Purchasing an aircraft, be it a turboprop, light jet, mid-sized jet or airliner is a task that requires professional guidance to ensure security and peace of mind. Air Charter Global have the experience and knowledge to assist all of your projects, helping you fully understand the processes along the way.

What Does Our Consultancy Service Include?

  • We can assist you from the ground level when you're at the initial stages of selecting your aircraft. We will guide you on the latest market pricing expectations and trends relative to the aircraft you're looking to buy
  • Aircraft financing and refinancing is a complex business but we can help you source quotations for funding by putting you in touch with our partnered financiers
  • We will assist you in arranging pre-purchase inspection coordination and oversight
  • Aircraft acceptance and delivery: We will oversee all the steps involved making sure you're happy and confident while transitioning the sight and operational aircraft inspection through to the export/import process
  • Ensuring your aircraft complies with the differing requirements of civil aviation authorities around the world

 For more information or to register your interest in selling an aircraft please contact us and a member of our sales team will be in touch.

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