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Monaco-based rotary operator Monacair has undertaken the management of an EC145 C2 helicopter with customised Mercedes-Benz interior. The company has traditionally focused on helicopter management, and the latest aircraft was chosen by a family who have recently moved to Monaco. The aircraft will be available for charter.

“We are very proud of their confidence in us, and delighted to welcome this helicopter into our twin-engine fleet,” says general manager Gilbert Schweitzer. “Our clients and partners will surely love this 2012 helicopter and its original Mercedes-Benz interior.

“Since it arrived in Monaco, the helicopter has already flown over the Mediterranean to Corsica, and crossed the Alps to Courchevel. The passengers have enjoyed their time on board and so have the pilots.”

Schweitzer continues: “On top of all the technical qualities that make the EC145 the first choice of the French gendarmerie and Swiss safety and rescue services, including safety, simplicity, weight to power ratio and high rotor, this aircraft has great habitability. Two wide sliding doors make embarking and disembarking really easy, and its windows offer light and visibility to all passengers.”

The EC145 Mercedes-Benz also offers an advanced in-flight entertainment system, modular cabin and storage facilities. The seats are fixed on tracks, and the cabin can easily be reconfigured for up to eight passengers to fit a variety of travel needs from family vacations to executive transport.

Schweitzer continues: “This helicopter is a perfect compromise between our twin-engine Agustas and our EC155 B1. Our customers are looking for safety, comfort and high level services and that is definitely what the EC145 Mercedes-Benz has in abundance.

“This winter, we are sure that the aircraft will have great success in the Alps. It is equipped with skids and is well adapted to mountain flights. I have no doubt that our customers will be seduced by the twin.”

Monacair is part of the SkyGroup, which includes operator Skycam and Sky Maintenance Services, an MRO at Castellet.