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Masterjet is celebrating the entrance of the first EASA-registered Learjet 75 aircraft to its CAMO organisation. The aircraft was delivered during a ceremony at Bombardier's facility in Wichita, Kansas, and will be operated out of France by Groupe Rouiller, as reported by EBAN.

The Learjet 75, along with the Learjet 70, received full type certification from EASA on September 12.

“All our team feels very honoured to be chosen as the CAMO of the first EASA registered Learjet 75, and we are fully confident that our efficiency and flexibility will allow the owner to optimise his business missions and keep both safety and cost control high,” says Nuno Perestrelo, maintenance and engineering manager.

The Learjet 75 is one of the 21 aircraft types within Masterjet's CAMO capabilities, which include the full Airbus range, Challengers and Globals, Falcons and Learjets, the CJ family and Phenoms. The company has accumulated experience in business aviation for aircraft registered throughout Europe, including Portugal, France, Cayman, Bermuda and the Isle of Man.

Continues Perestrelo: “In terms of CAMO management, the Learjet 75 is basically the same as the LR?45. It is a continuation of our service for this new model. We have been managing two Learjet 45s for the last four years. They are on 800 hours each per year, so we are quite familiar and experienced with the type. We are looking to provide CAMO for as many Learjet 75s as possible; there is no limit to the number we can take.

“We like the fact that our operation is based at Paris Le Bourget. We have all kinds of maintenance support there, not only for the Learjets, but also for Falcons, Bombardier and Airbus.”