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DAS Private Jets was established following the purchase of Donau Air Service's business jet operations and the receipt of its own AOC in January 2015. Donau now focuses on flying at air shows with an Antonov 2 and initial flight training.

"Having the Phenom means that we are capable of greater range and can reach almost all destinations in Europe with six passengers," adds Waechter. "The short field performance and the ability to only refuel once is beneficial to our operation."

The company started trading at the beginning of 2015 and Waechter says that it has already established good repeat business. However, not being in a 'congested' region like Paris, Hamburg or Amsterdam has meant that he has had to compete hard for customers. "Using executive travel in our region is less common than it is in these major cities," he explains. "It is necessary to get to the customers that are not located in our immediate vicinity. With the new jet we offer a level of travelling which could be a USP for us and the increased ferrying costs will be accepted by the customers."

Waechter is targeting steady growth and sees some potential from his own region of Mengen and Friedrichshafen, as well as Zurich and Geneva. "The transportation infrastructure, particularly in our area, is weak enough for us to be able to offer alternatives to customers who want to save time to get to their place of work," he concludes.