There was much excitement in the aviation community when Cessna first announced its goals for the Citation X – in short, to completely outdo the competing private jets. Cessna exceeded everyone’s expectations with the Citation X – it was the fastest, most comfortable, and most efficient jet on the market. It was even awarded the prestigious Collier Trophy in its debut year, in honor of the advances it had made in aviation and aerospace technology.

The Citation X truly is the fastest mid-sized business jet available.  It regularly cruises at .90 mach.  It can fly from Los Angeles to New   York in less than six hours, or from Pittsburg  to San Diego in  four hours flat.

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Aircraft Description

Getting the Citation X to cruise at .90 Mach was no small feat. Aerospace engineers spent months analyzing the jet’s aerodynamic structure with computational fluid dynamics computer technology. The proposed design of the jet was subjected to tests in a wind tunnel, and then analyzed by computer programs to locate the problematic high-drag areas. Subsequently, precision instruments corrected the frame, sometimes to as little as 1/100,000th of an inch. These minute modifications went on for months.

The end result, as already stated, was unequalled speed. It stands to reason that since Cessna spent so much effort on fine-tuning the aerodynamic structure of the jet, little attention would be given to fuel efficiency. But, since Cessna’s objective is to make high-performing, fuel-efficient business jets, the Citation X has a fuel flow of 336 gallons per hour. At the time of its debut, not only was it the fastest private jet, it was also the most fuel-efficient mid-sized business jet on the market.

Aircraft Specification

Max Seats
5,686 km
Flight Range
5,686 km
Cruise Speed
Carry On Bags
Hold Bags


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