Base: Bejing, China

Bombardier’s Challenger series, perhaps its most successful line, has only become better with experience. Because the original Challenger was so successful, Bombardier continues to use its general design while incorporating up-to-date technology and improvements on well-received components. It would be a challenge, pun intended, to fill the shoes of the Challenger 604, the “best-selling model in the heavy-iron category.” However, the Challenger 605 maintains every praised feature of its predecessor, adding freedom, innovation and performance capabilities. It’s no wonder that this $27 million long-range business jet is a valuable asset to corporate clients.

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Aircraft Description

In a combination of club, divan and individual seating, the Challenger 605 typically carries 10-13 passengers.  Cabin measurements are 6.1 feet tall, over 7 feet wide and 28.3 feet long, almost necessary for long-duration flights.  However, it has been completely restyled to reflect customers’ every desire.  Larger and higher-positioned windows make for ideal viewing pleasure. It has an improved Ethernet-based management system, larger video monitors, an upgraded galley area, sturdier worktables and more LED lighting. Overall, the Challenger 605’s cabin offers more in every respect.

Another area of substantial improvement is in the Challenger 605’s avionics. Its predecessor’s avionics system was so successful that such significant improvements were inconceivable. To enhance performance and efficiency, Bombardier chose to do away with the 604’s Pro Line 4 system, and instead equip the aircraft with the more advanced Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite. Some noticeable changes are the four-screen display system, offering 55 percent more area, and an improved pilot interface. The new avionics system  features CNS radios, Honeywell Laseref V IRSes, better DADCs, fewer control panels, and less weight overall.

Aircraft Specification

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Challenger 600-2B16
Challenger 600-2B16
Location Beijing, China