Base: The Middle East

The Citation Sovereign is Cessna’s version of what a  business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical.  The strongest feature of the Sovereign is its  range; it has coast-to-coast capabilities, like large jets, but still retains  the features that make midsize private jets so advantageous. 

It can take off in under 4,000 feet, a feat  still unmatched by other midsized jets, and can cruise at around .75 Mach (458 knots).

The Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 is a low-wing aircraft with retractable tricycle landing gear and a cruciform tail. A pressurized cabin accommodates a crew of two plus eight to twelve passengers (nine is standard). Fuel stored in the wings offers generous range for missions typical of this class aircraft. Space for baggage is provided in the tailcone with additional storage space available in the cabin.

The Citation Sovereign 680 cockpit has been designed for maximum comfort on long flights. The cabin supports a variety of seating configurations. The standard arrangement accommodates nine passengers in a double-club with a single forward side-facing seat just aft of the refreshment center. The eight pedestal seats track forward and aft 7 inches (.18 m) and laterally 4 inches (.10 m) on the seat base with 360 degree swiveling capability. These seats recline to an infinite number of positions including full berthing. All passenger seats are equipped with seat belts, an inertia reel shoulder harness, and an overwater life vest stored nearby.

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Aircraft Description

The Sovereign’s cabin is 25.3 feet long and can hold  anywhere between eight and twelve 180-degree swivel seats.  The interior is large enough that passengers  can stand up in the 5.7 foot-high cabin.  The baggage space available in the Sovereign  is the largest of comparable private jets.  The Sovereign has 135 cubic feet of baggage  space (about 1000 pounds); whereas the competing Hawker 400 XP has only 48 and the Challenger  300 has 51.

Even more storage space is available in the cabin, with a  closet large enough to hold full-sized garment bags.  The bathroom, too, is spacious – passengers  can change their clothes in it with the assurance of complete privacy (due to  the double-sliding hard doors).  A  non-fluorescent lighting system was installed to increase passenger comfort and  cut down on production costs.  The  lighting system now in place has dimmable LEDs, which have a life of about  100,000 hours.  The cabin and cockpit can  be cooled before starting the engines by using APU.

It should be noted that Citations are not just popular  with passengers, but with pilots too.  The Citation series was designed with the  intent of simplifying flight as much as possible.  Systems make sense and flight operations are  uncomplicated, resulting in consistently safer, smoother flights.

Aircraft Specification

Max Seats
4,934 km
Cruise Speed
511 mph
Flight Range
4,934 km
Carry On Bags
Hold Bags


Cessna Sovereign Citation 680
Cessna Sovereign Citation 680
Location Middle East