The EC135 is a powerful, lightweight, twin-engine multi-mission helicopter that showcases top-notch technology while offering low operating costs.

The EC135’s high endurance and extended range enables this helicopter to perform a full range of mission requirements, while carrying more payload over longer distances than any aircraft in its class. Incorporating a modern cockpit and avionics—as well as Eurocopter’s Fenestron® tail rotor and bearingless main rotor—the EC135 is recognized for its high performance and outstanding maneuverability.

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Aircraft Description

The technologically-advanced EC135 helicopter combines a wide, unobstructed cabin with Airbus Helicopters’ Fenestron® tail rotor and bearingless main rotor for excellent performance, range and payload capacity – along with low-noise operation and multi-mission capability.

Oversized sliding side doors and rear clamshell doors enable fast loading/unloading of passengers and equipment, while the airframe’s high degree of crashworthiness is provided by energy-absorbing fuselage and seats, as well as crash-resistant fuel cells.  

In the U.S. EC135s are widely used by air medical services operators, and also are flown in support of the offshore oil/gas industry and for law enforcement.

Aircraft Specification

Cruise Speed
158 mph
620.00 km
Flight Range
620.00 km
Max Seats
Carry On Bags
Hold Bags


We do not currently have any of this aircraft type available in our fleet but it can still be sourced externally.