The Dornier 328-300 or Dornier 328JET entered a new small Regional Jet market segment in 1997. The first prototype celebrated its roll-out on 6th December 1997 at Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich and performed its first flight there on 20th January 1998. Certfication and first delivery followed by mid 1999. A total of 122 Dornier 328JETs have been built and delivered.

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Aircraft Description

The Dornier Do328 was built in several versions with equal cabin for max. 33 passengers.

Apart from the original 328-100 there were also built Do328-110 with increased MTOW and extended range, the Do328-120 with special features for short distance flights and the Do328-130 with improved rudder and increased speed.

Since the first delivery in 1993, 107 Do328 were sold.

Aircraft Specification

Max Seats
Flight Range
1,850.00 km
Cruise Speed
385 mph
Carry On Bags
Hold Bags


We do not currently have any of this aircraft type available in our fleet but it can still be sourced externally.